Our Reach


Foram Hardware is an embodiment of tradition, having an experience spanning nearly three decades as an expert in Hardware solutions provider. The products have been renowned for their seamless quality and thread-eye precision. Building a home is an emotion for people and so are the parts that are needed to build the home, rather than merely providing the outer hardware to its habitats, we understand the exact requirements that go into building the home and thus specialize in built to suite products.

We aspire to:

  • Provide precision using our state-of-art tools
  • Promise complete honesty with our clients, suppliers, and employees
  • Product line innovation to enhance efficiency
  • Pan-India and global presence
  • Partner development and growth of the local community


  • Quality Certified for three decades, use it to believe it
  • Lightning fast delivery always at your doorstep
  • Custom made stock availability
  • 24×7 support on-site assistance for any issues
  • Maintenance free
  • Quality Assured